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My Remote Productivity Hacks

ocristian profile image Cristian R. Silva Originally published at Updated on ・1 min read

Is remote work something new for you? Are you struggling to keep the productivity you once have in the office?

These are some tips that can help to improve your productivity levels.

Long-running Slack threads

In many cases, starting a quick Zoom call will save a lot of time.

Notifications overload

Slack, e-mail, meetings, OS... too many notifications!

Go into do not disturb.

Slack: /dnd

macOS: Go to Notification Center and tap Do Not Disturb. This is better as everything will be muted.

Are you in too many channels?

Leave channels that don't offer any value.

Meetings, meetings and more meetings

  • block your calendar.
  • once a while, when possible, take calls outside your home... get some fresh air.
  • be honest and let people know if the conversation needs to move on (thereby speeding up your meetings).

Outside work distractions

  • get headphones
  • enable do not disturb on your mobile

Time management

Have you heard about Pomodoro Technique?
It is an extremely useful time management method that helps to break down work intervals separated by short break intervals.

You don't need to manage the intervals manually, there are many tools that can automatically do it for you.

My choice is Flow, a minimalistic pomodoro based focus timer. Increase your productivity and reduce stress at the same time.

Those are the hacks I use daily to improve my productivity. What about yours?

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pedrobuzzi profile image
Pedro Buzzi Filho

Very nice tips! I used to use Flow.

But recently I've been using Horo, it's very useful to easily schedule custom countdown timers. You can also set more than one alarm if you need to be reminded about something close.

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