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Olivia Campbell
Olivia Campbell

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DigitalCrafts Project - Calendly Curator

Calendly Curator is a dashboard which fetches information about scheduled Calendly Meetings and displays them in a weekly view.

Why create a dashboard outside of Calendly to display booked meetings?

  • Visibility across teams - specifically for a team member who doesn't require a paid Calendly Account and/or isn't apart of the Calendly Organization.

  • Visual alternative to the Calendly UI for reviewing booked meetings.

How to Use Calendly Curator:

  1. Visit Calendly Curator:
  2. Login to your Calendly account and create a personal access token.
  3. Paste your personal access token into the Login Page on the Dashboard Website

Image description

Image description

I created this project during my sixth week in DigitalCraft's Web Development Course and I built it using HTML, CSS and Javascript. The scheduled events data is pulled in through Calendly's API through the user's personal access token.

I got the idea for this project during my role as an Account Executive at Calendly, where I had many conversations with customers about their love of the platform and received their feedback for ways to improve the user experience.

Thanks for reading about my project!

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