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Observability for DevOps and SRE - free certificate course on Feb 8th

Join Mike West, Solutions Engineer, and Kyle Champlin, Product Manager, for a hands-on observability workshop for DevOps, SREs and Platform Engineering teams. Walk away from this free, 2-hour session with an Observability certificate to add to your LinkedIn profile, plus high-value knowledge on how to:

  • Build dashboards from logs, metrics and traces
  • Graphlink directly from a set of unhealthy pods to the Github commit
  • Use O11Y GPT for a Regex extract to parse a Nginx log
  • Use schema-on-demand to extract values into columns on the fly
  • Set up alerts that show customers impacted, then use schema on demand to pull in the technical owner.

February 8 @ 3 pm PT
Register here

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