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Graphic-Walker: A different type of open-source alternative to Tableau

Hello, guys~ Recently, I have been participating in development of a data exploration and visualization app which can be used as a different type of open-source alternative to Tableau. It is extremely easy to embed in your apps just as a react component. The original purpose is to develop a lite plugin that can be easily embedded in most cases, it doesn't have to be a large heavy BI system, but a lite graphic plugin.

GitHub: Kanaries/graphic-walker,

The main features implemented:

  • A user-friendly drag-and-drop-based interaction for exploratory data analysis with visualizations.
  • A grammar of graphics-based visual analytic user interface where users can build visualization from low-level visual channel encodings.
  • A Data Explainer explains why some patterns occur / what may cause them.
  • Using web workers and indexed DB to handle computation tasks which allows you to use it as a pure front-end app. (working on use duckDB as data engine.)

And you can use it in your app as a react component!

import { GraphicWalker } from '@kanaries/graphic-walker';

const YourEmbeddingTableauStyleApp: React.FC = props => {
    const { dataSource, fields } = props;
    return <GraphicWalker

export default YourEmbeddingTableauStyleApp;
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Feedbacks and advice are welcome! What features do you think are important to add?

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