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Igor Spasić for Oblac

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Color code

Standard programming languages are generic. While that is the purpose of such language, it leads to many ways of understanding and doing the same thing.

The idea is to establish specific guides that should lead to uniquely designed code, hopefully, a better one, leaving less space for a different interpretation.

Why 'color'?

We need a new term for the code categorization. Common terms, 'type' or 'kind,' are already used in a different context. And it's fun!

Let's begin.



  • Calculator - using Ctx
  • ToDo App - simple app with two layers
  • Restaurants - real-world web app with Ktor & Exposed.

Primary colors

🟦 == calm, unchanged, stable
🟨 == pure, light, combined
🟥 == contagious, changes other colors
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⚡️ Pro Tip: don't take this too serious.

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