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How Leave Planning and Management increases Employee productivity

Tobe Obiakor
Software Engineer with 5+ years experience in building business applications with specialty in HR Applications
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All work and no play makes Jack dull. The same can be said of employees who are so engrossed in work that they do not take out time to rest. The resultant effect is a burned out employee who become distraught with work and starts making mistakes that they ordinarily would not make. Sunday evening becomes a time of huge scare because work resumes on Monday.
While goal getting and target achievement are topics that awash our screens on social media, little or no emphasis has been put on resting as a means of getting the best of an employee who is in fact a human being.
I have friends who are in their twenties and early thirties and have developed a high blood pressure because the work from week to week, month to month and year to year without applying for vacation or resting. They are commended in their organizations as exemplary staff but the inverse of this is a deterioration of their health without their knowledge. It is when their body shuts down and they are forced to visit the hospital that they discover their health challenges that they now have to manage as a result of not taking a rest.
Organizations should encourage leave planning and leave utilization by staff. Staff should plan their leave at the beginning of the fiscal year and rewarded for a 100% leave utilization at the end of the fiscal year.
Some of the effects of vacationing are

  1. You return refreshed and re-energised
  2. Your brain that has been stuck in a routine makes connection between different ideas.
  3. Taking a step back from work and vacationing in a different environment helps you see things from a broader view point.
  4. A proper vacation helps us reset and remotivate.
  5. You boost your performance. HR data of 125,000 US employees found that high performing employees took an average of 19 vacation days, compared to individuals with lower marks who took only 14.

How can HR managers effectively track leave planning and employee leave utilization? A leave management system.
A good leave management system should have the following main features;

  1. Leave planning.
  2. Self service for employee leave application.
  3. Leave approval workflow.
  4. Leave utilization report - visuals and excel.
  5. Notifications.

Are you struggling with managing tired and unmotivated staff? HCMatrix is a web based Human Capital management system helps HRs manage employees leave life cycle and allows employees to apply for leave and view their leave utilization. Visit for more information.

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