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Discussion on: I'm stuck instead of moving forward. Now what?

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Otto Nagengast

@marciof your piece resonates with me. I've been stuck in that plateau for a while myself. I'm a self-taught dev, so I have the constant nagging doubt that I'm doing things like a rookie. I've recently picked up some more advanced books like TypeScript for React or Clean Code. I also took the leap and worked through the Rust book which was forced me to expand my fundamental programming knowledge.

Another thing that has really been helping me make progress again was getting code reviews. I started working on a project with a good friend who has a lot more experience. He gave me lots of really helpful feedback on my code.

I don't want to make a cheap plug here but we both realized that code reviews were really valuable learning tools for us. We're now working on building a community / platform where people can get and give code reviews as well as read reviews on other people's code to learn from them. If you're interested it's called Antcode. We also have a code review Slack group that I think you may find helpful.

Keep on keeping on!

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{ marcio } Author

Thank you. That's a great idea. I'll give it a peek :)