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Fullstack with Svelte & tRPC

Usually I just do backend-less Svelte apps. This time around I tried to go full stack in javascript/typescript.

I started with Svelte-Kit but then decided for Svelte - with a typical Vite build on the frontend - and Fastify + tRPC on the backend.

The project

Find the project at It's just a skeleton project with minimal setup (mono repo, NPM workspaces) and a cookie based login.

I spare to list the individual setup steps since there is nothing sophisticated here. If you need those OR if you like video tutorial have a look at I found it excellent and it's basically the same setup just with different technologies.

Why not Svelte-Kit

Svelte is one of a few frameworks I dare to say I love. So going with Svelte-Kit was an obvious choice for me.
Why I left that path ?

Final Words

Since I didn't do much beyond the project setup, final judgment is not here yet, but I feel excited about it!

Also, there are things the skeleton could be improved upon... like:

  • testing setup
  • unified typescript setup
  • unified formatting/linting setup
  • real production settings
  • etc...

It's not my priority to do these things, but feel free to contribute if you feel like it!

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kvetoslavnovak profile image

Thank you for sharing your experience. Is there any skeleton/starter repo where we can learn how to connect all this together? Thank you very much.

o_a_e profile image
Johannes Zillmann

The one I posted is at

kvetoslavnovak profile image

Thank you 🙏