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Discussion on: Going from Intermediate to Advanced Coding Skills: Changing the way I'm learning to code

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Tim Keegan

Personally as I've grown more confident (and hopefully also more competent) I have found hello world / build a blog site / simple cars API -type examples to be less useful.

Recently I have started looking at code in open source projects and trying to make sense of what is happening. Seeing how real people write real code that does a real job is ... real useful ;)

My ambition for the next 6 months is to find a project that I am using and understand it well enough that I can make my first open source contribution.

In my work life my team started doing code reviews about 6 months ago. I have learned more from reviewing code and having my code reviewed than in all the books and blogs I read in the 6 months prior. If you can find someone who you trust to look at your work and give you constructive feedback I'd encourage you to go for it!

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dAVE Inden Author

That's really awesome you are diving into code of projects you use to eventually contribute to them. That seems like a great way to learn more. Like you said, seeing real world code helps a lot.
I agree that having code reviewed can help the learning process a lot. I've had the opportunity to discuss code with others in the past and it has helped tremendously. I'm hopeful to get the chance to do that again.