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Both. They do different things.

Read some of Rachel Andrew's work, and blog posts on CSS Tricks. They will explain it in detail.


Thanks Sally! Will read articles that you have suggested.


Both! Just Flexbox for simple pages, and Flexbox inside Grid for more complex layouts


Which is your go-to choice for building layouts for your apps. Grid or Flexbox?


I'm moving from Flexbox to Grid, because I knew Grid is now partially supported in Internet Explorer 11...🙂
It requires -ms- vendor prefix:


I prefer to use Flexbox on parts of the UI that basically stay the same in any scenario or have limited changes in different responsive behaviours, like for example interaction or input controls. There I usually see no need for using CSS Grid, which is what i tend to use more when it comes to the global (app) layout, that is, the app container, dashboards and the likes.


I use both. It all depends on the use case.


Flex box for me. IE 11 support for Grid isn’t to crash hot so unfortunately we can’t use it on production sites.