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Christine Spang for Nylas

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Nylas is Hiring a Developer Success Engineer

About Us

The Nylas Cloud API makes it an order of magnitude easier for companies to add email, calendar, and contacts integrations to their applications. By being at the core of business communication, scheduling, and contacts, Nylas is shaping the future of how people work.

Our team is roughly equal by identified gender and we actively and regularly work with the entire team to shape our culture to our ideal of empowerment, transparency, and kindness.

We collaboratively wrote about our values, benefits, perks, and published them in our open-source handbook. Read it to learn more about Nylas. You can also find more details at:

About The Opportunity

Nylas is looking for an intelligent, ambitious and energetic individual to join our API Developer Success team where you'll be directly responsible for ensuring the success of our partners and developers. Hundreds of businesses rely on the Nylas Cloud APIs to power their products, and your role will be critical in ensuring their sustained growth and success. You'll work with startup CEOs and top technical talent within our industry to help them build awesome applications using Nylas Cloud APIs.

This includes working alongside Nylas Engineers to help triage issues that impact reliability and speed of our product. You’ll help prioritize and recognize trends in customer issues and implement processes and automations that fix them. Your deep technical understanding of our infrastructure will allow you to onboard new customers onto our platform and help existing ones quickly.

You should have a growth mindset, a track record of managing your own projects, and strong autonomy in every day work. You should also tend toward humbleness in your abilities and have an innate desire to pass knowledge onto others.


  • Help customers solve technical problems and answer questions about product capabilities
  • Lead customer conversations as a technical expert, where your knowledge and expertise of the Nylas Cloud APIs will allow you to guide implementation and onboard customers.
  • Manage customer support tickets and provide regular updates to open tickets
  • Develop customer-facing documentation and integration guides
  • Collaborate closely with our Development Team (provide feedback, file and fix bugs), Business Team (respond quickly to high priority issues), and Product Team (provide roadmap feedback)
  • Develop technical messaging and platform architecture documentation describing the Nylas Cloud APIs

What We're Looking For

  • You have experience communicating with users and providing product support over email, on the phone, and in person
  • You have experience working on technical issues, troubleshooting bugs, and communicating with engineers
  • You have a desire to work in a fast paced environment with lots of autonomy
  • You work just as well finding hidden details as you do summarizing broader trends
  • You have great verbal and written communication skills
  • You have deep empathy towards technical users and you thrive on making customers feel empowered
  • You’re curious and comfortable with new technologies and you love learning new tools.

Please feel free to leave questions in the comments section.

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