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Christine Spang for Nylas

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Nylas is Hiring a Partner Engineer

About Us

The Nylas Cloud API makes it an order of magnitude easier for companies to add email, calendar, and contacts integrations to their applications. By being at the core of business communication, scheduling, and contacts, Nylas is shaping the future of how people work.

Our team is roughly equal by identified gender and we actively and regularly work with the entire team to shape our culture to our ideal of empowerment, transparency, and kindness.

We collaboratively wrote about our values, benefits, perks, and published them in our open-source handbook. Read it to learn more about Nylas. You can also find more details at:

About The Opportunity

We’re looking to hire our first partner engineer at Nylas. You’ll be responsible for the technical success of our customers by helping them integrate and by digging into technical issues and bugs within in the Nylas API. You’ll work directly with both our partners and Nylas’ customer success team to investigate bugs within these systems and then fix them.

Our open-source Python sync engine regularly archives terabytes of data across a massive SQL cluster, and our Flask APIs handle tens of millions of requests a day. It’s your job to quickly identify, fix, and prevent issues from happening within this architecture. You’ll have a direct impact on the reliability and scalability of our system by improving our testing infrastructure and building mechanisms to quickly identify issues before our customers do. You’ll have a direct impact on the happiness of our customers because you’ll be fixing the issues that matter to them most.

You should have a growth mindset, a track record of managing your own projects, and strong autonomy in every day work. You should also tend toward humbleness in your abilities and have an innate desire to pass knowledge onto others.

How To Apply

If this job piques your interest, don't hesitate to apply today!

Please feel free to leave questions in the comments section.

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