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Announcing our $16M Series B!

Announcing our $16M Series B!

Today we’re excited to announce our Series B funding led by Spark Capital, and to extend a warm welcome to Andrew Parker, General Partner at Spark Capital, as he joins our board.

The Nylas API powers the communication layer in software applications, bridging the gap between email data (email, calendars, and contacts books) and applications. We founded the company in 2013 when we realized that email usage and users were growing by the billions, and yet there was no simple way for developers to integrate with every provider.

Email is the largest communication network in the world and is the lingua franca of business.

There’s an unprecedented amount of data contained within the contents of email, calendar, and contacts. Yet teams and companies have not been able to access, understand, and effectively use that data because of its complexity.

For many new technologies and apps that rely on email and calendar features, we’re the only source for easy integration. Through our APIs, we make it easier for developers to integrate with email data, and we advance our mission: To empower the world to communicate with context and insight.

We’d like to use this opportunity to highlight some achievements from the last year, and to share how Nylas will use this funding going forward.

Some highlights from the last year:

  • The Nylas API has grown to handle more than 100 million API requests per day and synced 15 billion emails, with 22,000 developers signed up to use the API.
  • We’re proud to maintain and exceed 99.9% uptime while powering startups and Fortune 100 companies alike.
  • We’ve proud to announce that we are SOC-2 certified and GDPR compliant.
  • We’ve broken into new verticals and added new customers like Hyundai, Newscorp, and Ellie Mae.
  • We’ve grown the team from 18 to 35, and we’re hiring in every department: engineers (in NYC and SF), developer success engineers, marketers, sales, and more. Every individual here is a key hire.

What’s next for Nylas

This new funding round will allow us to grow the company in every way: we’re hiring new teammates, acquiring new customers every day, and building a product and team we’re all proud of. We’ve come a long way, but we know there’s still so much more we can do to help accelerate the pace of software development and improve the way the world communicates.

As we grow, we’re keeping these key values top of mind:

  • Customer focus
  • Bias for action
  • Developer-centric
  • Empowerment and trust
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Transparency and Communication
  • Work-life balance

Our goal is to become the default tool for developers building applications that integrate with inbox data. In the API world, Stripe is viewed as the trusted payments API, Twilio is the trusted SMS/Voice API. Now, Nylas is becoming the trusted API for integrating with email, calendar, and contacts data.

Last but not least, we’d like to thank our team, our investors, advisors, customers, and everyone else who has been part of this journey. We’re looking forward to growing together!



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