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About Nuvolaris and other similar Platforms

A question I've been asked several times: what's the difference between your Nuvolaris and the other X-Platforms and Y-Distribution for Kubernetes that are out there?

My answer is that they are a Web Agency with an ad hoc platform, and we are doing WordPress.

The thing is certainly not very clear if one does not put one's mind to what happened when the Web exploded (and a similar process occurs punctually in every industry where there is a novelty).

When there is big news, as there was when the Web exploded, there are customers who want to go to the Web. You, entrepreneur sniffing the air, what do you do? Well, you open your own company that makes Web sites and set yourself up for customers who want to go on the Web.

The problem is that the moment you approach the market in this way, to give customers what they want, you sell "work" and use what you can find to do it, raking in what is available. Which generally means building custom websites. Handmade. Handcrafted. In short, you make a web agency.

Generally, then the WebAgency moves forward a bit, bundles the solutions it has provided to a few clients, renames them "standard solution," and starts selling its "CMS," its "platform".

Which then is usually not CMS, but is instead a semi-finished product, some reusable code, and the people who know how to do the work. And that is exactly what the various X-Platform and Y-Distribution companies are doing in the cloud today.

The fact is that this approach doesn't last much longer. Any domain tends toward standardization. Some products emerge, and gradually the various "ad hoc" solutions of the web agencies are set aside.

Those companies that 10 years ago had their own homemade CMS now use WordPress. Or Drupal. Or Adobe AEM. But they basically didn't make the product, they adapted it to someone else's product.

Those who have thought about a big market, on the other hand, have built a product. They invested (and a lot). They created a generic solution and evolved it on the demands of not three but 300 or 3000 customers at the same time.

This is the difference between Nuvolaris and other cloud companies with their platform. They are a "cloud agency" with a platform but in fact, they are 80% service and 20% product.

Nuvolaris builds on an open-source product, serves many customers at once with its deployment, and is 80% product and 20% service.

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