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Nucleus – Free Flutter UI Components and Screens

Heya everyone,
I'd like to introduce our Free Flutter UI Components and Screens. Enjoy these pre-built components and screens to jumpstart your Flutter project or learn about Flutter.

Image description

Image description

See preview
Check out the Github
Download Figma File

If you have any feedback, please send them to

And also shout to our developer partner, Studio Alva


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aaronblondeau profile image

These screen templates look very useful! However, unless I am missing something, I think that there is a disconnect between viewing the screens in the preview and getting the code. It would be really nice if there was a "Get the Code" button on the previewer - even if it just links to the code in GitHub.

So, for example if I were here:

How do I quickly get the code without having to go hunting for it in the repo:

nucleusui profile image
Nucleus UI

Hey Aaron, Thank you for your input! My team and I will look into it!