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Discussion on: Zero dependancy Pub / Sub system with PostgreSQL

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Bruno Luis Panuto Silva • Edited on

Hey Gio, great post!

Just my two cents on this topic.

Apparently, your problem is one I was facing in my previous company: how to deal with scale.

It also appears that the first step to decouple your application was taken: boundaries have been defined for third party systems and completely removed from your core business logic.

There are some contenders out there to PostgreSQL that are minimal and perform quite well.

I'm a big fan of Nats. I mean, dead simple, blazing fast, and Just Works™ out of the box. It's also under the CNCF, so it shows a lot of promise.

Having that well defined boundary around this kind of dependency should make it trivial to use. It needs some special care, e.g. defining your own request/response mechanism in order to achieve at-least-once semantics, but in my opinion this extra step is well worth it.