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Weekly journal for week 3 in Bootcamp

Third week was very tough because this is when actual bootcamp started.

Actual bootcamp started in this third week, everything was very difficult.

In soft skills we started about stress and resilience, in our software engineering career the most dominating problem is stress, coders need to know about resilience so that they can recover from that stress.

Also we studied about talking to our future self, if everyone in the world can be able to talk to himself in the future, everything will be changed. Talking to our future self is to connect your 3 selves: past, present, future, then you come up with the best ideal solution.

Also we studied Critical Thinking. We usually give solution which comes firs in our mind which is bad because we need to ask ourselves 5 whys in order to understand the root cause of the problem we need to solve.

In coding skills, we started the week with a task of building 2 pages which was hard because we were to deliver them the next day. Also we had to build the 15 dashboards and we delivered them on Friday. so this coding part was very tough, we learned how to use reusable components and using Ant Design which is mostly used in Awesomity and Code Of Africa.
In addition, at the end of week, I was done with those dashboards, so my weekend was good because I learnt new things which are going to help me in these remaining weeks.

In conclusion, Actual bootcamp started this week. I want to complete six weeks journey so that at the end I will be able to do coding with the best soft skills.

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