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How to be a Front-end Developer . Tips and Resources

ntare_guy profile image Guy Ntare ・2 min read

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A front-end developer is converting data to a graphical interface so that the end user can view and interact with that data. Quincy Larson has created fundamental walkthrough on freecodecamp where you get a Responsive Web Design certificate and work on some challenges.

Download an editor in your local machine to have hands-on work to practice and run your code I personally love VSCode you can download right away. Thank me later😁

Collaboration between developers has been a crucial case to be handled in the beginning of there career, well i think Git is the biggest collaboration tool ever made and i really like to use Github. Ask for Help when stuck

"If someone is stuck on a problem in isolation, the more time passes, the more shame they’ll feel about asking for help."

Get started with version control with Git and Github on Udacity's Version Control With Git and Here is a great simple guide.

I think we can speak the same language now, we are going to add some dynamicity and special effects to our webpages using Javascript and don't worry i got you. Work through Freecodecamp Javascript certificate to get some fundamentals.

When you feel comfortable with Javascript Fundamentals, push yourself and work on freecodecamp React challenges.

Ready? Not yet? OK when you feel ready to dive into React i have a surprise for you 📦. Stephen Grider has a masterpiece course on Udemy, at the end you'll be the developer who explains how Redux works to everyone else, because you know the fundamentals so well .😉

In the end, Randall Kanna has made a ultimate guide. She is sharing her Accountability, insight and knowledge in getting started as Software Engineer.

"You are going to find out if coding is for you before you enroll in an expensive bootcamp, go back to school for a CS degree, or quit your job to become an engineer. When you’ve finished the guide, you’ll know how you can become a software engineer and more importantly—if it is a good career choice for you.


If you have any other resources or tips that may be helpful dont't hesitate, Please share it in the comments.


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