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Discussion on: Is Git Great? #healthydebate

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Nathan Stevenson

By enforcing pull request to branch head only, enforcing reviews, no one is going to break my repo unless I press the big red "Do Not Push" button myself. That said, hg does sound like it would be a nice experience.

I'll be sticking with git for its ubiquity and GitHub's integration with...everything lol. I will, however, try out Mercurial when free time permits. I am more than a bit curious.

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The sad state of the affairs is that, after losing the JDK, that was one of the last "high profile" repositories that still used mercurial, I think it is sliding (not even slowly) towards irrelevance.
It is very very unlikely that the "gitops" ecosystem will care to add an option for the source repository tool. It will, however, become a problem sometime in the future; when it happens, a replacement will probably need to be something far for modern and robust even than Mercurial.
An interesting candidate for this role is Pijul. It has a well thought theory behind it, a quite good execution (that is, is dogfooding a log), and a hard look back at the history of the VCS toolset. With a heavy heart, I suggest you that your valuable free time will be better spent experimenting with that.
I'll continue to use mercurial in my university classes, to expose the students to something good.