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Edit: I just realised, that you assume, that every developer you will meet is a highly capable, very well educated person (probably with decades of experience) who spends hours and hours thinking about every single line of code he/she writes. Meanwhile in the real world we have people with nearly zero experience, who try to achieve results after checking the first tutorial (probably even some portion of it) they find on stackoverflow or google. And this is OK, because most probably the end user need something to get their job done and they need it now, not a decade later.

I carefully read the article and didn't find any real argument against using frameworks. Yes I dismiss all your arguments especially the only real one: that we don't need them, but in fact they save lot of time and this is basically the most precious thing we have in our life. You can do something small like a To-Do list in any language, but when you keep adding more and more featured you will end up writing tons of code and solving problems, that others did before you. Most probably you will need other people to help you. The bigger your codebase is, the harder it will be for them to figure out how it works. This is why framework popularity matters - it's easier to find someone to help you.

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