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Hi! I'm a tech recruiter building a recruitment platform that should end cold outreach on Linkedin. recrooit.com

I want to learn, read about your experiences with recruiters and use it to develop better features for our app :)


Question for you nsofra... do recruiters like look-down at developers who got their education through a bootcamp? I ask because I am a self-taught Front-End Developer about to start a 9 month online boot camp class for Full-Stack through Lambda. I look at job posts from time to time, just to get an idea of what employers are looking for, and it seems they all want someone with Computer Science Degree. So I am wondering if recruiters would even give someone like me the time of day once I complete the boot-camp? Thank you for your time :)


Great question! It strongly depends on the culture and type of the organization you're applying for. Just as an example, fintech or biotech companies are kinda conservative environments and educational background probably matters. I still strongly advise you to go for it when you come across a job ad you feel comfortable applying for and this is why:

Job descriptions usually describe an ideal candidate persona, which is a profile of their IDEAL candidate. It comes down to the hiring costs: can the company afford to wait for the ideal candidate? On the other hand, most of the startups know talent has nothing to do with cs degree and you'll probably have more success starting your career there.

Since you're into frontend, focus on building some kind of a portfolio even before you consider applying. Like building a simple page for your friend's business, an NGO or such. Experience is more important than education, and you need to start building to gain experience. Hope this helps. It deserves a post, for sure :D

Thank you so much for the feedback! This is exactly what I was wanting to know. I know in the boot-camp we will work on portfolios. I had to prepare a website explaining why the should accept me jen-stewart.netlify.app/
so maybe that can be the start to my portfolio! And I will definitely try to make some sites for friends and families in the meantime :)


Ahhh... The dreaded Headhunter. LoL When I was in architectural design they'd cold call. Made me good money! You chose a bit of a giant to tackle. Really cool!


I know, I will definitely need dev community support to do this properly.
Cold calling is somewhat gone due to data protection and GDPR, but all the spam you go through is just overwhelming.

The bottom line is that highly skilled tech talent won't apply to vacancies, cause they are already set somewhere. The best way to learn about good opportunities is from: your peers :)

I agree totally! Co-workers, supervisors or my employees were where most of these HH's had received my personal information & most times the calls I got were very good opportunities. It was disconcerting sometimes, but the pay was sometimes as much 190% of my current pay! My motto that stated to everyone was, "I want my Boss's job, so how can lift/push that person into their own promotion in-house or out?" Also, I tried to incentivize work in a couple of ways that people didn't get sometimes. Like in the workers showing up late in Jacksonville because traffic over a certain bridge. So I showed up early & cooked waffles & pancakes every morning that wanted some... Off the clock for the both me & them. Problem solved, but initially the district manager was irritated. I think incentives that are cheap & well liked go a long way. I got this from a German coal company that did similar things when raises were found to be less effective.


That is awesome. I bookmarked your site in case I want to check out the site. Welcome, nsofea!

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