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Life has its ups and downs and in every one of these scenarios, there is an opportunity underneath if you are prepared just enough to receive it. I had a share of mine when I got admitted into the task force 5.0 which prompted me to request for a leave from my other workplace in order to pursue my goals.

I work as a network engineer where I monitor institution servers to ensure they are always on and accessible all the time. My passion lies in software development and I’ve been doing it as a hobby for a while and I was not ready to let this opportunity slip by.

stressed out

Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear - Mark Twain

In the first days, it was really hard to cope up as I had to be available for the program during the day and work at night and the stress was mounting which degraded my performance in everything I participated in except eating.

I kept on questioning my choice whether it was worth it or not. While I continued to question what I was doing, I realized that there were two options, to continue doing things the same way which would limit my learning progress or to man up and change the course of my learning curve to improve my skills in what I consider my passion.
Later on I realized if I kept on stressing in the first week, I was never going to be able to finish the program, so I started taking everything simple and one at a time.

As days went by, I started settling in with others, enjoyed the environment and their company which kept me motivated to be available everyday regardless.

I was introduced to different concepts like Miro, an online collaboration whiteboard, agile approach in project management, online meeting ethics and the egg challenge was the first teamwork test that made everything fun.
The whole experience was awesome and can't wait for the upcoming weeks.

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