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Kvell.js – Setup a production ready Node.js app with batteries included

What is Kvell ?

Kvell.js is a family of packages using which you can create Node.js applications with pre-defined configurations, a fixed application flow and a set of abstractions. It bootstraps the node application with a set of popularly used npm packages and provides a minimal setup environment so that the developer can focus directly on writing the essential parts of the application.

Please visit for the docs and other guides.
The Github repository is available on

What does it do ?

  • Maintains a proper code standard.
  • Abstracts out server configurations.
  • Abstracts out database related configurations.
  • Maintains a consistent top-level folder structure.
  • Provides support for writing and viewing API documentations without any setups.
  • Provides auto-template creation for routes and models.
  • Does automatic git initialization (if possible) on project setup.
  • Provides a very simple and basic logging mechanism.

Kvell takes inspiration from create-react-app in it's implementation and shares some similarity with it's methodology and internal flow when it comes to how it works under the hood.

This is my first attempt at building something for the community and I will be happy to know what you think about it!

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