Is NPM registry not working ?

ns23 profile image Nitesh Sawant ・1 min read

Hello Everyone.

Today while I was workig on a Node JS project suddenly I was not able to install any packages using npm command.

I am getting below error whenever I am trying to install any package

npm install error

So when I visited NPM regitry website I got following message.

npm registry website

Is anyone else getting the same error when trying to install a node package ?.


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I am not experiencing this issue and receive this when going to registry.npmjs.com


Why do you get "No Secure" badge for registry.npmjs.org? I think you're being MITM'ed.


I asked my friend to check if npm command was working on his laptop. Even he was getting the same error.

Anyways that issue is solved now.
NPM resolved

I temporarily fixed the issue yesterday by changing the npm registry to
npm config set registry https://registry.node-modules.io/


This definitely seems like a thread worth pulling on.