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How to build a User Interface from start to finish

nraufu profile image Rauf Niyonzi ・2 min read

Building a user interface is not that complicated as you may think once you get the basics for the development process and there is nothing as satisfying than creating a user interface that every user feel comfortable with, so let’s get started.

I will try to make it simple and short, for someone to develop or build something from scratch first you need a little bit knowledge about the fundamentals and tools required to implement a certain idea that you in mind. Read books and search for the internet about the tools and languages used to develop an interface.

Secondly, when developing an interface you need to know the current design trends that are on the market sort of new models that user are tending to like more than others those can be for example hamburger button when it comes to deal with a website responsiveness on small screens. This is an important stage in the user interface development process to help the developer understand what’s the users are liking more in a given period of time.

Starting to develop a user interface one thing you have to keep in mind is that you are developing something which will be used by someone else hence it’s important to know who are build it for and then create a prototype by using example using adobe XD or other sketching program that help you to visualize the interface and show it to other people so that they can give some feedback which helps a lot in the development cycle of an interface, now you start developing in accordance to the prototype and feedback’s received.

Lastly something we have to know is that people have different taste and hence not everyone will fully appreciate your user Interface but when following the steps I described am sure you will concur as many users as possible with your creativity.

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