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What’s new in Novu 0.21?

TL;DR: All you need to know about the latest Novu 0.21.0 release. Removal of the multi-providers feature flag, @novu/notification-center-angular package now supports Angular projects of version 15 and higher, new Actor system variables, Brand Logo Management, Organization APIs, and more.


Removal of the multi-providers Feature Flag

In this release, we are excited to announce the removal of the multi-providers feature flag. This feature was previously disabled by default to ensure backward compatibility.

Action Required for Upgrading

To upgrade to this new version, you will need to follow these steps:

💡 Note: You must change the path for each script individually and run it separately.

  • Run Migration Script for Creating primary and priority Fields: You can access the migration script for creating primary and priority fields by clicking here.
// apps/api/package.json

"migration": "cross-env NODE_ENV=local MIGRATION=true ts-node --transpileOnly ./migrations/integration-scheme-update/add-primary-priority-migration.ts",
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cd apps/api
npm run migration
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  • Run Migration Script for Updating Novu Integrations: To update Novu integrations, you'll need to execute the migration script available here.
// apps/api/package.json

"migration": "cross-env NODE_ENV=local MIGRATION=true ts-node --transpileOnly ./migrations/integration-scheme-update/update-primary-for-disabled-novu-integrations.ts",
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cd apps/api
npm run migration
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By following these steps, you can smoothly upgrade to the latest version of our software and enjoy the benefits of the multi-providers feature flag removal. If you encounter any issues during the upgrade process, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team for assistance.

PR Details:

chore(web): Remove multi-provider feature flag by "rifont" in

Notification Center Angular

Starting with this release, the @novu/notification-center-angular package now supports Angular projects of version 15 and higher.

Previously, it had a limitation only for Angular version 15.

PR Details:

feat(notification-center-angular): Support Angular versions 15+ by "rifont" in

Actor System Variables

In this release, we've introduced a new Actor system variables.
These system variables can now be utilized within any channel editor, enhancing flexibility and customization.

  • You can now leverage actor system variables in your channel editors.

Screenshot_2023-10-27_at_15 28 34

  • When setting up a "Run a Test" Trigger, the application will prompt the user to provide actor information.

Screenshot_2023-10-27_at_15 29 43

This addition lets you incorporate dynamic actor information in your channel configurations, making your workflows more versatile and adaptable.

PR Details:

feat: add actor to system variables by "ainouzgali" in

Brand Logo Management

This release introduces a new functionality that allows you to update or remove your brand logo seamlessly.

  • Update Brand Logo: You can now easily replace your existing brand logo with a new one, giving your application a fresh look.
  • Remove Brand Logo: If you prefer a cleaner interface, you have the option to remove the brand logo altogether.

Screenshot_2023-10-27_at_15 34 27

These brand logo management capabilities give you greater control over your application's visual identity. Customize your branding effortlessly and tailor it to your specific needs.

PR Details:

feat: add ability to remove uploaded brand logo by "michaldziuba03" in

New Provider: Pushpad

We are excited to introduce a new integration with Pushpad in this release.

You can learn more about this provider here.

PR Details:

Screenshot_2023-10-27_at_15 39 53

Organization APIs Enhancement

In this release, we've introduced a significant enhancement - the Organization APIs.
You can now harness the power of these APIs to manage their organizations efficiently, handle member listings, removals, and even update branding seamlessly.

  • Manage Organizations: With the Organization APIs, clients gain full control over their organization's settings and configurations.
  • List and Remove Members: Easily access and manipulate the list of organization members, allowing for efficient membership management.
  • Branding Updates: Organizations can now update their branding effortlessly using these APIs, ensuring consistent and up-to-date branding across the board.
  • Member Invitations: For inviting new members, we've introduced a separate endpoint POST /invites, simplifying the process of expanding your organization.

Screenshot_2023-10-27_at_15 46 40

💡 Note: The SDKs are being updated to handle these new API calls.

PR Details:

Notable changes

Full Changelog:

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