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What's New in Novu 0.15.0?

TL;DR: All you need to know about the latest Novu 0.15.0 release. Scheduled Digest, In-App Onboarding playground, Slack Webhook URL managed flow and more!

0.15.0 Release Updates

We're excited to unveil fresh updates about our most recent release. So let's dive right in!

Release fresh updates

Scheduled Digest

Now you can schedule digest at specific intervals according to your preference. This feature eradicates the need to create cron jobs to suit your use case.

From the Novu dashboard, you can set the recurring time. The Digest engine aggregates events before a set time and fires them when that time is reached.

Typical Use Case

A digest is scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday at 7:07 AM weekly. A notification event is triggered a couple of times to a subscriber every day.

Scheduled digest for Tuesday and Thursday
Scheduled digest set up on Novu dashboard

The digest engine aggregates all events that occur before Tuesday. On Tuesday at 7:07am, it fires an event comprising all the aggregated events. Similarly, all events occurring between Tuesday and Thursday are aggregated, and an event is fired on Thursday at 7:07am. This cycle continues.

Note: For now, the time is UTC-based. We plan to make it user-timezone aware soon!

Scheduled Digest

In-App Onboarding Playground

We have integrated a new playground in our onboarding flow to test and explore In-App notifications. So take it for a spin!

In-App Onboarding

Slack Webhook URL Managed Flow

Until now, developers had to manually spin up and deploy an https server with an endpoint to listen for redirect requests. They had to follow numerous steps to get Slack webhook Url generation right and working seamlessly for subscribers.

Now, Novu manages the OAuth flow for you. No more spinning of servers! All you need to do is:

  • Add to the Redirect URL in OAuth & Permissions on your Slack Developer Dashboard.
  • Add the Add to Slack button or the shareable URL to your application to request access permission (scope: incoming-webhook). More information here

Africa's Talking SMS Provider Integration

Now, you can use the Africa's talking SMS provider on Novu.

Africa's talking

OneSignal Push Provider Integration

Now, you can use the OneSignal Push provider on Novu.


Push Webhook

Now you can add a webhook URL to trigger push notifications on Novu.

Push Webhook

There is work ongoing for Email Webhook Provider. You can follow the commits here

All Changes

You can find the full changelog on GitHub.


Sign up on Novu, try it out & let me know what you think about the new changes in the comments section.

If you want to contribute to OSS and make an impact, I believe it is a great place to start & build out amazing things.

Oh, remember to star the repo as well.🤩 See you in the next release! 🚀

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This looks like a feature packed release! 🚀