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Robin Winslow
Robin Winslow

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Blogging from my phone with GitJournal

Originally published on my blog.

I've been looking for a way to publish blog posts easily from my phone. I'm sure I would write a lot more if I could quickly jot down a post e.g. while lying on the floor next to my son's cot waiting for him to go to sleep.

My blog is made with Jekyll, GitHub Pages and Cloudflare. Up to now, the only practical way to actually publish a new post has been to use git on my laptop. (Well, I could use, but with all the necessary frontmatter and the poor mobile experience, it's not really practical).

I've been searching for a while for something that would let me simply publish from my phone. I actually saw GitJournal in the Play store a couple of times, but I assumed it would only use GitHub to back up its own proprietary file format and so be useful.

Actually it's perfect. GitJournal lets you configure YAML frontmatter, the default folder etc. It's actually perfect for publishing posts to a Jekyll site.

Highly recommended.

This is my first post that I'm actually publishing with GitJournal, but I truly hope and expect it will be the first of many.

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