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Best free IDE for android phone

Don't have laptop or computer?
With these 2 apps you can practice coding using your phone.

1. Spck Editor

Spck Image

This is the best for me

About this app

Make changes, preview, pull/push & commit with this tiny code editor.

Spck Editor lets you write code whenever, wherever. Quickly change code snippets, preview them, and commit to any git repository all with this tiny (but powerful) JavaScript IDE. There's no more need to compromise when developing on your mobile Android device. Clone from Github/Gitlab/Bitbucket, AWS CodeCommit, Azure DevOps, or more, make commits and push them from your phone.

*Back up your projects before uninstalling the app, otherwise you will likely lose the data! Upgrading/updating the app should be okay.

Features include:

  • Clone public or private (requires app password/token) repositories
  • Quick snippets keyboard for faster code edits
  • Git client integration (checkout/pull/push/commit/log)
  • Diff viewer for git-enabled projects
  • Preview webpages on your device
  • Project or file code searching
  • Code syntax analysis and smart auto-completer
  • Code completion and context provider (signature/definition lookup)
  • Auto code-indentation (using js-beautify)
  • Light/dark themes available
  • Integrated JavaScript console
  • Preview markdown
  • Export/import project/files to zip file
  • Works offline (fixed)
  • CSS Color selector
  • Cool JavaScript labs to play with

Main languages supported:

  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • HTML

Smart code-hinting support:

  • TypeScript, JavaScript, TSX, JSX
  • CSS, Less, SCSS
  • HTML (with Emmet support)

Other popular languages (Syntax highlighting only):

  • Python, Ruby, R, Perl, Julia, Scala
  • Java, Scala, Kotlin
  • OCaml, PHP
  • Golang, Rust, C, C#
  • Stylus, CoffeeScript, Pug
  • Markdown, Batch, Bash
  • ActionScript, Coldfusion, HaXe
  • More...

More features to come!



About this app

Try to learn and play NodeJS easily

Try to learn NodeJS easily with simple tool, access everywhere in your pocket

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