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re: It's a question because the Rust community, generally a positive, constructive group, continues to act in a way that's at odds with what we both fe...

I agree with you both on this matter. Harassing fafhrd91's personal email is not okay. Warning people off of actix-web like 64's blog post did, on the other hand, is not harassment. People have to be allowed to voice when they like or dislike a library, otherwise it's not possible to make an informed decision about what's safe to depend on and what isn't.

(I specifically didn't comment on Actix-Web's issue tracker, or open a pull request, since fafhrd91 is already overly-flooded with all this noise and fury. I wouldn't wish that on anyone, and I certainly don't want to add to it.)

100%. I came away from reading the post itself with no negative feelings at all. Reddit has a way of changing that, I guess.

People do have to be allowed to voice this sort of thing without worrying about this sort of reaction. The concern raised about the nature of what "safe Rust" guarantees is absolutely, 100% legitimate and something people should be informed of when deciding whether or not to use the tool. It's a real problem that we can't just be friggin' cool for once.

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