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7 Resources to Level Up your Web Development Game

Web development stands for building and maintaining websites, whether a static one or a complex one. A static website doesn’t require a lot of work, but complex web applications have huge databases and real-time, data-intensive applications like eCommerce and social media apps.

A front-end developer designs the part of the web that users interact with. Everything from user navigation, fonts, and colors to drop-down menus and sliders. All of these are built using JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.

A back-end developer powers the front-end part of the website so it could actually work. From storing massive amounts of data to maintaining the technology that powers all components on a website, a back-end developer does it all. Languages like PHP, Ruby, Python, Java, etc. are employed at the back-end.

And a combination of both front-end and back-end makes a full-stack developer.

Web development has recently risen up in high demand in the post-pandemic world where many businesses and services have shifted online, increasing the need for web developers.

And so, this is the perfect time to get your hands dirty with learning web development. Below is a list of websites and platforms to get you started!


Codecademy offers free beginner-level courses as well as paid training on a variety of languages like Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, HTML, CSS, Kotlin, and SQL amongst others.


Freecodecamp offers a huge library of open-source online coding bootcamp along with free training and certification on a variety of web dev skills. With about 40,000 working in big firms all around the world, all of freecodecamp’s courses are free for the taking.


Scrimba is an online learning platform that teaches web dev through interactive screencasts and live events. It offers free and paid courses both.

Road Map

One of the biggest challenges a developer faces is not knowing where to start or the path to achieve their goal. Road map provides visual guides containing topics, tools, and all the necessities that a developer would need to start his/her journey of web development.


W3Schools provides a variety of free online learning resources. It features languages like HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Python, and SQL amongst others.


Udemy is a massive open online course provider with multiple courses for you to take advantage of. You can learn Python, Excel, AWS, Web development, JavaScript, etc from the 183,000 online video courses available on the platform.

Frontend Mentor

Frontend Mentor features challenges of different difficulty levels; from beginner to advanced, this platform provides a fun and well thought-out way to learn web development. It also provides Figma design files and image sets.


Go through all these websites and choose the one that suits your requirements in the best way possible. And keep in mind that writing good quality code not only leads to high quality software, but also leads to growth and personal satisfaction.

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