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re: I don't know anyone except the Ivy League crowd that's never felt like an imposter. But I can remember the exact second that I realized I was a rea...

Hey, Ivy Leaguers get imposter syndrome too.

Your case sounds particularly bad, but you fought your way out of it. Way to go! It's always encouraging for people still going through it to hear a story like yours.


What Evan said, Ivy Leaguers get it too!

I think a lot of people won't talk about it or brush it off instead of facing it head on. I would bet at in one way or another it happens to everyone! At some point we are all beginners. Even years into our career, if we decide to learn a new technology, we are back to being a beginner and having that feeling of flailing around aimlessly not knowing which way is up. But when you can push through that discomfort, thats when you learn the most. Coming out the other side is so rewarding.

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