Epic Games Launcher Not Working on Mac

norrischebl profile image Norris Chebl ・1 min read

Decided to learn how to make some games today, and I immediately ran into a problem downloading Unreal on my Mac today.

The Epic Games Installer just kept getting stuck in a loop of updating and restarting. I found a solution (although I don't really know why it's working, but hey, it works).

Instead of trying to boot up the installer normally by double clicking the icon on your Desktop, do this instead:

- Go to your Applications folder
- Right click
- "Open"

Again, I don't completely understand the difference, but I thought I would save Mac users some trouble by sharing what worked for me.

Side note: I'm looking forward to starting my journey with C++ programming as well as sharpening up my Javascript skills and sharing what I learn along the way. Stay tuned for more posts.


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