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Bruno Noriller
Bruno Noriller

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[Off-Topic] Living Outside the Algorithm

The buzzword in everyone's mouth is AI. Related to that, are the “algorithms” each platform prides itself in.

I stay out of most social media, but while you can’t run from all algorithms, you can minimize their impact.

But why would you do that?

Most platforms want you on their platform for the most time possible, regardless if you want it or not, and they can do good work at that.

I will share here how I use Youtube and to one extent or another, you can probably apply to any other platform.

My Youtube routine

I subscribe mostly to programming stuff and music channels, and then to some other subjects and a few guilty pleasures.

When I started my “routine” I just unsubscribed from a bunch of things that I had subscribed to because of one thing or another that I don’t even like anymore or because of a “one of” video.

  • Go to Subscriptions
  • Add to Watch Later or to “Queue” the videos you’re interested
  • What it
  • ???
  • Go do something else!

Personally put everything in my Watch Later and only use that (with the exception of music mixes).

A lot of things I code while listening to some late/daily news shows or random stuff in the playlist.

How about finding new channels?

Recommendations are the way to go. The creator you follow mentions something (or does a collab)? Check it out and if you like it, then subscribe to it. When you find yourself never clicking it again, then just unsub it.

Why do that

Ever wondered what happened to pagination?

Infinite scrolling means that you just keep going. But when you know there’s a beginning and end to your feed, you get more time in your day… I know I did.

If you think this is worth it, share it with someone who might need this.

Cover Photo by Dominik Scythe on Unsplash

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