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Anton Kurtin
Anton Kurtin

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make your vim editing faster!

i use vim every day and the best productivity improvement that happened to me lately is that i found this keyboard setting in macos, highly recommend everyone who likes to work with code quickly, set these sliders to the maximum!

macos keyboard settings

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Peter Benjamin (they/them) • Edited on

This has little to do with Vim and more to do with how fast the OS registers key repeats.

I would not recommend that you navigate around vim by holding h, j , k, or l. These are mostly good for moving small/short distances, like a few characters or lines.

There are more efficient and productive ways to move large distances, like w / W / e / E / b / B to move by words or { / } to move by paragraphs or ]m / [m to move by methods, and many others.

I recommend reading :help motion.txt to learn more about vim motions.

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John M Flinchbaugh

Alternatively, vim already has the power to move fast. Check out all the other movement keys.

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Ben Sinclair

Wouldn't this only affect you holding keys down?