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I'am using Linux (Ubuntu 20.04 LTS) as host system, for small tools (C#, Python, Bash) i code in VS Code on the Linux.

But for ASP.NET Core, Java and oher demanding Frameworks and Languages,
I code under a virtual machine on windows, cause Visual Studio just runs on Windows or macOS.

And this works very good. Today, the virtual machines are very performant.

I don't have to switch back to Windows 10. The Updates, not a Linux Kernel,.. all these things, is what i don't like on Windows.

The Windows Subsystem works for small tools like nmap or telnet, but Docker, etc. don't work.

I dont use Photoshop, or some else commercial tools. I'am using GIMP for Photoshop, yes, it's not the best.. But it's OpenSource, free, based on non-Profit and more..

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