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What requirements do you have when picking up a new library/framework/dependency?

When you're looking for a library, framework, or dependency in general, what are the things you look for? What are your requirements to take the step and pick it up? Is it documentation, does it need to be tested, updated regularly, etc...

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Razvan Constatin

First of all you should look on your requirements and the technologies you are working with.

For example, js stack -> React, Node, Express, Mongo.

  • if you need to perform http requests you can use Axios. It’s a best library and it has a good documentation well explained with examples. You can use it in js and in react.

  • if you have to deal with state management such as “is user signed in?”, you can use Redux for React and also JWT or Passport Local for NodeJS.

  • you want to build style easier? Go with Bootstrap, is easiest but it doesn’t look so good, if you don’t like, go with Tailwind. take a look trough docs and components and start writing.

  • you have to build the front end easier and deal with components? Go with React, or maybe you want to go with Angular because it has something easier or it’s more better than other, or even the company you are working for / you want to working for use it and you want to become more proeficient.

This is how you can choose and what questions you should to answer to yourself for choosing a framework/library.

Some usual questions:

  • Is it used alot? (If it is, it could have a large community so you can find answers)
  • Is it well documented? (If it is, you will don’t need the community)
  • Is it in the stack my company work with? (If it is, it’ll bring you more bonuses)
  • is it in the stack at company I want to work for? (If it is, you should go with it because it will bring you pluses)

I hope my answer will help ya! ❤️

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Thanks for the detailed answer! 😊