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The button does not work #345

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This is a little fictional story. It's based on some experience I've had recently.

[1] Monday 9:00

[org/project] If I open the browser, it makes the payment again.

Yeah, that's all I'm giving you

My reaction: 🧐 > 😳 > 😱 > 😑

- I respond: "Could you please add more information or explain what steps you did to encounter such an issue?"

- They reply with: Oh yeah, super sorry actually. I will be explaining stuff better in the future.

[2] Thursday 10:00 (the future)

[org/project] Button is not working.

Yeah, so that button is not working, can you fix it?

My reaction: 🧐 > 😳 > 😱 > 😑

- I respond: "What button are we talking here? Is it the button or the button button?"

- They reply with: No the link at the bottom of the page, it's obvious. Just fix it.

- Me: 😑

[3] Friday 12:00

- I reply to the issue above: Fixed, the link is already working. Closing this.

- 2 seconds later they reply: Oh no, I meant the link in this other page no one uses, we need it in 5 minutes...

- Me: 😑 > 🤬

[4] Saturday 16:00

- Me: 🤬 Fuck them, fuck them fuck them very much!

[5] Sunday 20:00

- Me: 🤬 Fuck them, fuck them fuck them very much!

GOTO [1]

This is just intended as a little bit of a joke, but bad issue descriptions are a pain in the arse and there should be legal actions against them. No, seriously.

Now it's your turn.

What are the worst issues you have seen or have been assigned to?


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dealloc profile image
Wannes Gennar

Our team manages and maintans somewhere around ~50 legacy applications.
Sometimes the service desk will give us tickets where the client posts a screenshot where they cropped to one field or button that isn't working.
Commence the "guess which application broke" games

dmahely profile image
Doaa Mahely

Man, I have some stories to tell about this. So-called "bugs" that are actually features, UI that was approved by the designer and lead, very old bugs that are now suddenly moved to "urgent" priority with no reason whatsoever 🙄

dhandspikerwade profile image
Devin Handspiker-Wade

JIRA-123: "I don't like the button color."

Me: It's the client's brand color and part of the approved styleguide/mockup.

QA: I'm just creating tickets for the issues I found during testing.

dmahely profile image
Doaa Mahely

This used to happen to me too! My answer was "take it up with the designer".

nombrekeff profile image
Keff Author

Lol, I've had some similar ones too. Crazy stuff

mariofix profile image
Mario Hernandez

Hahaha looks like it's Loosely based on the experiences from most of us

lukaszahradnik profile image
Lukáš Zahradník

You should require proper description of the task you are supposed to do and not blindly assume something. The problem here is on both sides.

nombrekeff profile image
Keff Author

I did in the real world. This was just an exaggeration.