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Coding and Programming Classes for kids in Bangalore

nomansheikhpti profile image Noman Jahangir ・1 min read

Coding and Programming Classes for kids
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Scratch is an amusing and easy way to learn programming. Children can do programming by simply dragging and dropping code blocks in the order they want and the program does perform actions in the same manner. There are hints for the coder to pick as they use the blocks for coding, as each block is shaped differently to suggest what is used for by the grooves present in the block. The grooves establish connectivity either at the top or bottom. If it doesn’t have that, it cannot be part of the code. The colors on the blocks are also of huge help to understand the computing concepts. As the children learn the coding, there is so much fun and live-action for the kids to see and make them laugh, interact, and dance as well. It’s a place where your kids could be the next avid computer game designer, an aspiring animator, or budding artist as well.

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