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How to change React Native app name (iOS / Android)

In the example below I have a sample app that I named owler_franchise in the setup process.

Initial app name ios

Now I want to change that to Owler Franchise.

  • iOS

For iOS, go to ios folder and find the folder named after your project name.
In my case I called it owler_franchise. Inside that folder find the Info.plist file.

Find ios folder for Info.plist

Inside Info.plist file replace the value after <key>CFBundleDisplayName</key> to your app name.

iOS before update

For my example, I changed it to Owler Franchise.

iOS after update

That's it for iOS 👍.

iOS ready

  • Android

For Android: Go to the following folder in order: android > app > src > main > res > values and open strings.xml file, replace the <string name="app_name"> tag's value.

Path to strings.xml file

before update android

Again, in my example, I changed it to Owler Franchise:

after updated android

That's it for Android too ✅.

android done

Thanks for reading!

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