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Landed my first software engineering job!

Nolan Mayersky
I'm a 30 (oh, wow, I'm that old now) year old software engineer from Northwest, Indiana. Looking to meet like-minded people. Let's become friends and build together?
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So, the other day I landed my first official software engineering gig! I will be doing some work for L&M Distributions and Logistics, LLC. who is based around the Philadelphia, PA. area!

I found this job through a talent agency, similar to Toptal. They require that you take and pass some coding tests to be eligible to apply for jobs in their system.

I passed my tests and I was hired on the first and only job I applied for! Quite amazing!

I met with the talent agency and the lead tech guy from L&M on a Zoom call. If I do well on this first project they have hired me for, they will also be hiring me to help build out their API.

My first order of business is to take an HTML template they have purchased and implement it into their Sinatra application. This should be a pretty easy job for me and I'm excited to start.

Hopefully they like my work and will continue to keep me on for the API project as well.

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Jose E. Rodriguez

Congrats, Nolan! Sounds like a good start!

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manish srivastava


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oded hassidi

Congrats. Sounds like you are on the right path. 😉

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Juan F Gonzalez

Hey Nolan


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Shivaram Ayyalasomayajula

Congratulations Nolan!Wish you all the best.

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Nolan Mayersky Author

Thanks for the congrats everyone!