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Installing and Using SuperAGI : The Perfect Tool For Autonomous AI Agents

Do you remember AutoGPT ?

With AI constantly evolving devs rely on reliable frameworks to build autonomous AI agents. The repo trending on Github by TransformerOptimus, who created an open-source autonomous AI agent framework. It's for devs to build, manage and run useful autonomous agents quickly and reliably. In today's blog we will explore the installation process and use of SuperAGI, the open-source autonomous AI agent framework.

*Getting started: *

Docker Setup

If Docker is not installed on your system, visit the Docker website ( and install Docker Desktop.

Once installed make sure Docker Desktop is running.

Pinecone Setup

Sign up at Pinecone and retrieve an API key from your account dashboard. (No need to upgrade! You can do this on the free account :) )

Installation Steps
Now let's begin the install!

Download the Repo

Open terminal, command prompt in IDE and run the follwing.

git clone

Navigate to the Directory

Use the 'cd' command to navigate into the SuperAGI directory.

cd Desktop


In VSCODE or your IDE

Open the project folder and rename the 'config_template.yaml' file and rename it 'config.yaml'

ENTER YOUR API KEYS - Find the following API keys from their expected sources

OpenAI API Key

Google API Key

Custom Search Engine ID

Pinecone API Key

You will copy and paste the keys without any quotes, spaces, or extra characters in the corresponding fields of the 'config.yaml' file.

Running SuperAGI

Once the setup above is complete, its time to run SuperAGI and experience its features:

Start the Docker Containers:

Make sure Docker Desktop is running.

In the SuperAGI directory or in your VSCODE editor open terminal and run:

docker-compose up --build

Access Superagi

Open your web browser and visit 'localhost:3000' to access the SuperAGI UI!


SuperAGI is an impressive open-source framework that empowers developers to build, manage, and run autonomous AI agents quickly and reliably. By following the installation steps outlined in this blog, you can set up SuperAGI on your system and explore its diverse features. Have fun experimenting with this powerful tool and contribute to its community!

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OpenAI API Key

Pinecone Vector DB

SuperAGI Github Repo

Google Programmable Search

Google Console - API & Services

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