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terminal pager ov

ov is a terminal pager, like less and more.
It's modern and feature-rich.

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Feature rich terminal pager

OV - Oviewer

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ov is a feature rich terminal pager.

(The old repository name was oviewer.)



  • Better support for unicode and wide width.
  • Support for compressed files (gzip, bzip2, zstd, lz4, xz).
  • Supports column mode.
  • Header rows can be fixed.
  • Dynamic wrap / nowrap switchable.
  • Background color to alternate rows.
  • Columns can be selected with separators.


deb package

You can download the package from releases.

curl -L -O
sudo dpkg -i ov_x.x.x-1_amd64.deb

rpm package

You can download the package from releases.

sudo rpm -ivh

homebrew(macOS or Linux)

brew install noborus/tap/ov


You can download the binary from releases.

curl -L -O
sudo install ov /usr/local/bin

go get(simplified version)

It will be installed in $GOPATH/bin by the following command.

go get -u

go get(details or developer version)

First of all, download only with the following command without installing it.


You can download it from github. Various packages are also available.

ov operates as a simple pager.
It has the following features.

  • Direct viewing of various compressed files
  • Supports UTF-8 emoji and combining characters.
  • Passes through an escape sequence of colors.

ov is already available in place of less in many cases (except for man pager).

And the following functions can be enabled by option or keystroke

  • Headers fixed
  • Switch between wrapping and not wrapping lines.
  • Alternate background colors for the lines.
  • Highlight the string between delimiters.

This is useful for displaying tabular data.
And with this feature, you can also conveniently use it as a pager called from psql or mysql.

column mode

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