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There's a piece online titled "CUSSING IN COMMITS: WHICH PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE INSPIRES THE MOST SWEARING?". Developer Andrew Vos scanned one million commits from Github for each programming language for swear words limited to George Carlin's seven dirty words.

What he found was that the C++ programmer was the likeliest to use swear words in their Github commits. But C++ was barely the top as JavaScript and Ruby are neck and neck right behind C++.

Not to say Rubyist aren't kind people but that they seem to have a less than pristine mouths!

Full article:


Sure this one from 2014:

It goes into more data like programmers that mention other programming languages, comments and bullying.

Nothing is wrong with PHP developers. They are like dinosaurs; not of this time.


PHP devs, we sure do like being color full. :D

I would be interested how the word usage breaks down between the 5.x and 7.x releases.

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