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For my final project, I'm making an issue tracking app with a Rails API backend and React and Redux frontend. Out of everything we've learned at Flatiron thus far, React has been my favorite. I love the simplicity, scalability, and that at the end of the day, it's really just javascript.

My issue/bug tracking project is unique because while I'm building out the app, I'm using it to track the bugs I'm encountering in the my project. No need for a seed file this time!

In my app, a user can create a bug and update its status to be 'In Progress' or 'Done'. The component will change color depending on the action state its in. I added a stateless component to the bottom of the items-list container that acts as a legend to clue the user in to what the color changes mean. In the navigation bar, I also have stateless components that act as routes to navigate the user around the app.

I really like this project because it's something that I can use every time I code, and will be able to continue building out and improving on naturally as my issue/bug tracking needs grow.

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