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Hey All!

My name is Nate and my experience is in webdev and FE for web applications. Today, I work as a Product Manager at Hilton Worldwide, specifically in the digital innovation organization on the "Dreaming" team. Our team's focus is to build an innovative technology platform that can be integrated into our digital experiences so that our users can explore and "dream" to travel the world.

I wanted to join because: 1) I love the mission the team is chasing; 2) coding is still a hobby of mine and I'm hoping to learn from you all and further improve my competencies. Not only do I believe being involved in this community will make me better as a Product person, but I also hope to one day be a maker!

When I am heads down in work [or code], I always listen to music. I have a Spotify "Zone Out" playlist that is basically a bunch of progressive, technical, and atmospheric metal tracks (all instrumental; no vocals). It's the perfect balance that keeps me focused on my work. One of my favorite artist in that playlist is "Andromida"--highly recommend giving him a listen if you like progressive metal.

Happy coding!

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