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Motivation to code and write a blog

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I’ve always been a creative soul. I spent my whole education at a school of fine arts. After lessons I liked to sew, crochet, and make clothes, and accessories out of nothing - it’s called upcycling. I used to write a blog where I shared my upcycling ideas. After receiving my degree I’ve realized that neither the art world nor the fashion industry would suit my needs.
My friend once told me she wanted to learn how to code. I thought it sounded pretty cool, so I asked what coding was. Since I like to learn new things, I was interested in giving it a try. I checked it out and it turned out to be absolutely amazing because it was the same thing I had been doing in my youth: creating something out of nothing.
Thus, to follow my new-found passions in a new field, I’m running my new blog http://neverendingcode.com/

The blog is both for you and for me.

For you because you get access to a wide field of front-end development knowledge and experience. My aim is to build a friendly environment for beginning programmers and to provide the clearest coding aid.
I want to support especially people for whom english is not the first language, because I’m one of these people and I know what obstacles can appear on their way. That’s also the cause why I definitely want to write the blog in two languages - english and polish - I want to support my natives.

The blog is for me because I feel a kind of calling to teach. Currently, I work at school as a teaching assistant and I love the process of sharing knowledge! Some people say I’m pretty cool in explaining things.
The blog is for me also because I need some of the learning diary - proof of my effort and improvement that I could see in a half of year.
It is also to be my showcase. A permanent answer to my friends’ questions: What did you make recently? or What are you coding now? It is also a nice thing to show my potential employers.

So many advantages for me and for other people. Achieving this goal makes me feel a good person as I do something for myself and others.

And you? What is your strong motivation to learn code?
What are you like?
What do you like?
What is your calling?
What do you want to create?
And for whom? And WHY?
Do you love video games so much you want to create them? Are you in love with data science? Is the web your second home? Answer as many questions as you need to define your programming goal and motivation. It will keep you strong, confident and will help you in the time of doubt.

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Natalia Bubiak


Hello! I'm a self-teaching #CodeNewbie 🙋🏻 I like to store and share knowledge, so I've started to run own website about #frontend 💻 May the code be with you 💪


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