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"Hi - I'm new here!"

Naresh Joshi
Software Engineer by profession, Learner and Blogger by passion, I love to talk and discuss with peoples so if you have anything good to read, watch, share or you just want to talk to me you ca
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Hello everyone, I am Naresh Joshi and this is my first post on, thanks in advance for checking it out!

I recently found community and I am impressed by the articles and discussions developers can have here.

I am a Software Developer, working mostly on Java programming and its related frameworks like Spring, JPA, Hibernate.

Currently, I am working Scala and Spark and I like it.

I love to create my own thoughts about anything which comes to my notice and I think we should always have our own thinking on everything rather than just following what others think.

I publish my thoughts on my blog ProgrammingMitra( and I would love to contribute to!

I am looking forward to engaging in this community and talk to you all!

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