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First Post, The

Learning: Javascript

Sup, internet? I'm Njeri Cooper, a 25 yo techie that is committing to unlearning, re-learning, and re-vamping my tech career as a bad a55.

The last 3 weeks have been 6 hours a day of web dev fundamentals including skills and terms like "the DOM", VS Code, shortcuts, setting up an efficient environment, HTML af, CSS ls, enough JavaScript to be dangerous, and how to be software engineer boring when you see the world and live life in technicolor.

Aside from exercising my brain and flexing my skills for the gram, I've devoted tons of time to physical, mental, and emotional re-training, too. We eating right, drinking water, reading books, listening to talks/podcasts, etc ova here.

How was your journey when you decided to take coding and or tech seriously? Are you the dev rockstar you thought you would be?

var Coop === "Love and Light";

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natalie stroud

I feel like I've just burst into the door of the Dev world. Def not the rockstar yet but this past week has made me feel like a rockstar and has had a lot to contribute to that.

Thank you for your awesome post :)