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Discussion on: 3 Powerful Tips for a Developer's Portfolio

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Njeri Cooper Author • Edited on

Howdy, Jorge!

A few answers for you:

  1. I developed my front end to showcase my ability to make a beautiful User Interface that provides an enjoyable User Experience.

  2. We are all selling something, all the of time. Right now, I’m job hunting, so I’m selling myself. Soon, when I’m employed, I will be selling my employer’s product.

  3. Lots of companies are looking to diversify. Some time ago, someone realized that people other than white males can code. I’m a queer, black woman, so I’d meet a few of the diversity quotas in one hire. 🦄

  4. The external links are to relevant accounts with more about me and my work. This leads me to the next question.

  5. Would people know me better if I had my current location on my site? (I’m not from Nashville btw) Does my current location matter if I’m willing to relocate? Also, a Google search may point you to some of the previous projects I’ve worked on over the last decade.

  6. Yes sirry. I have UX experience. I’ve had a UX web developer position recently. I also have a certification in start up apps and have been to a 4 year university for engineering management with a concentration in video game design 😉 (video games have to have good ux or they won’t get played). I’m technical. Do I count, yet?

  7. I’m 25. I don’t check my email all day. The quickest way to get in touch with me is by @‘ing me on twitter.

  8. I have a personality. I use the horns all the time in normal conversation 🤘🏽😜 If I’m old, I’m old.

  9. A pat on the back isn’t necessary. I’m just looking for a job.

Thank you for asking me some questions about myself. I hope these answers find you well.

If anyone wants to know anything else, please reach out!